Tripp Williams

Tripp got interested in Tattoos at a young age, tattooing on friends and himself with some internet tattoo kit machines and materials. Tripp got his apprenticeship at Lil Paul’s in Tyler at 18/19 and worked under Paul for about 2 years learning about piercing and tattooing, and about the wild lifestyle of tattooing. Tripp became a full-time artist right before his 21st birthday, tattooing anywhere from 10-15 tattoos a day.

In 2009 Tripp left Paul’s to work at Exotic Ink in Tyler for a short period, then moved to Paris Texas to work at Inkwell Tattoos. Tripp worked on his style and skills in Paris for about 2-3 years, then moved back to Palestine to be closer to family. Tripp found a temporary home at STK Tattoos near Lake Palestine and created the foundation of his loyal clientele. From STK he moved to Bloodline Tattoos, the first tattoo shop in Palestine, under Seth Blood. Tripp worked for Bloodlines till 2017 and decided to open his own shop.

Tripp wants to focus on Neo Traditional exclusively while working on some black and grey realism. Tripp is well versed in many different mediums from map pencils/markers to oil paints, creating work on shoes, hats, canvas, walls, etc.

Instagram: @tripp_ink

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